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Learn How to Save Money…Learn How to Make Money…Learn How to Regain Control

This is a 3-day Intensive & Hands-On Course. And ONLY $2995.00!  

” Tracie covered subject matter concisely & with enthusiasm.  I loved that we were able to ask as many questions as we needed!  I know i’ll refer to the workbook for months and years to come.  Best of all I now feel confident I can get my web developer to get our site on track.  Great all round education.  Thanks!”

Michael Collett

Owner, Applause Press

Learning How to Integrate Strategy & Sales into Online Marketing activity is your Key to Success.

How frustrated do you get when you spendHEAPS of $$ on digital marketing with no leads…don’t really understand what your Online Agency is doing for you…but you want to.

If any of these describe how you are feeling right now…Trove’s Online Performance Course will Solve Your Problem!!

Learn how to have a true sales mindset with all digital marketing activity. Learn how to Control your Online Costs, Control the Perception of your Brand, Control the number of Leads you receive.

As a business owner,  arm yourself – or your staff – with critical Online & Business-Ready skills…..you can Stop the Cash Bleed, Generate More Sales & ensure Strategic Business Growth.

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Enrollment spots are limited to only 10 per course for maximum learning experience!!

Be Prepared to Learn Through ‘Doing’

You will complete the course understanding the following, and how to Implement this in your business to ensure an increase in leads and sales:

The Importance of Planning, Strategy & Targeting –

  • Importance of realisitic Online Business Planning
  • How to forecast, plan KPI’s & sales, identifying conversions, identifying leads required
  • How to create & Develop Marketing Concepts
  • Importance of Targeting based on your perfect Customer

What makes a Great Website, Relevant to your Ready-To-Buy Client –

  • Importance of Keyword Research & how to do it
  • How to Review & Maintain your site that resonates with your client
  • How to make Text, Imagery & formatting changes on your website
  • How to manage foundation on-page SEO

The Role of Content in Securing Leads –

  • Importance of Personalisation Thinking to attract your client
  • How to write Consumer-Centric Content to maximise Sales Opportunities
  • Importance of Reviews
  • How to use Google Analytics & Search Console to measure your Online & Business Performance

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Run over an intensive 3-day programme to ensure full focus & to facilitate optimal learning.  Trove’s Online Performance Course provides you or your staff with the skills you need to control your business growth.

Awesome Experience! You really reinforced the need to make my site ‘relevant’ and how much more I can do with my site. Your handouts are easy to understand & will help me use the course in my work. It has been well worth my time and investment. Thank you.