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Spending $$ on Google for Business Growth with little or no return is an all to common complaint.  As is not knowing how digital marketing or SEO really works or who to trust!  Learn through Trove’s Online Strategy for Leads & Sales  to GET QUALIFIED LEADS from your website.  Or the Online Performance Workshop – the Business Coach’s Guide to ENHANCE CLIENT TRUST and CREATE NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES. Regain Control…Be Strategic…Build Profits.

Online Marketing Mentoring Programmes - Know how and where you are targeting your marketing.


You don’t have to know all the answers…just where to find them. Doing your own online marketing, or understanding what your agency is doing is easier with specialist support. You choose how you want to learn…monthly Mastermind Q & A webinar forum…monthly webinar Online Skill Modules . Learn in your own time…Learn to enhance your business growth. Your success comes from learning from our experience.

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Business Success through Learning

Tracie Eaton, Director of TROVE Online understands what it’s like to not have an informed conversation with online agencies. That it is so HARD to know who to trust. So much so Trove is driven about helping you understand how to use Google for Busniess effectively.  Just like Michelle (a recent  graduate) stated..”I was really nervous about not understanding,, but using Google for Business to increase sales leads & business profitability is really quite simple when you are armed with the right knowledge. YAH!”

It’s time for me to grow profitably

Attending a Trove training programme provides you with so much actionable information you will leave feeling re-energised about your business & able to make changes to your website & Online Marketing immediately! You are given easy to understand knowledge to use Google for Business growth .You can make informed decisions about your online marketing solutions.  You can drive your business sales & profitability.

Use Specialist Knowledge…Build Strong Online Sales Leads

Learn at your own Pace…Find the Right Google Balance.

Using Google for business is not just about ‘ticking all the technology boxes’ or being top of the rankings. You don’t need to be #1 to receive good sales leads from your website! But you do need to be on the 1st page.

Using Google for Business wisely  is about finding the balance between being visible & connecting with your customers, being targeted…showing relevance and creating resonance..  It is about understanding your business strategy, goals and sales objectives…& now this relates to your Digital Marketing efforts. It’s about making money…strategically.

I want help to get it right!

Through Mentoring let us partner with you to discuss latest trends..help you identify your most immediate online challenges…teach you foundation content & SEO techniques to improve your website.

Done right, Online Marketing ensures that no matter where your customers find you, your BRAND IS TRUSTED and you have INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES TO SELL your products and services.

Maximising your return with a collaborative approach.


We have an Open Approach: At TROVE we tell you, straight up how your campaigns are performing, what’s working well and what is not! Our Consulting services ensure you have an objective & non-biased review of the campaigns your current agency is running for you.  We’ll take a look & if your campaign is not hitting the results we all expect, we’ll provide Recommendations to Solve the Problem.

Innovate & Educate: We are always updating our knowledge to ensure what you learn from us is up to date for best results.We believe it essential to not only help you build a solid online foundation, but to empower you with knowledge so you can control your own business growth! Trove’s in-business Training means your marketing and SEO team have sales outcomes in mind & are consistent in their use of your brand essence.

Business Solutions not Sales: Trove Online are Online Marketing Consultants.  We are not focused on selling you a product – we are committed to ensuring the right Online Solution is utilised for your specific needs.  Every Business needs to use Google for Business differently. Make sure you have the Online Solution mix right to maximise your returns. We understand business…we understand Google…We understand sales.  If you want a trusted online partner – you have found them.

I want to lead my business change!

We know we get results….our customers tell us!

The TROVE initiative has definitely helped generate business. And the fact that Tracie Eaton & her team support local businesses become more productive and competitive is great because too many people buy elsewhere and not in their own town.

Tamara Larose

Owner, Sensational Parties Rockhampton

Using TROVE I rose quickly up the ladder on Google and have already been receiving calls from potential customers. The team is always helpful and on the go with ideas for improvement and development of my website. If you are keen to get things moving for your business, I would recommend that you contact TROVE and get them moving mountains for you.”

Helen Cotter

Owner, Bowen Bodies

Some businesses care about making a profit out of us, and some care about solving our problems and helping us grow. You and your team are always interested about how we are doing, our plans and what you can do to help us get there. It is refreshing, and I just wanted to pass my thanks to the team.

Brian Weidmann

Director, Office National Yatala

“Thank you Tracie!  Participating in your workshop has given me so much actionable understanding of how I need to set up my website, both from a Google perspective & a customer perspective.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  That was AWESOME!” .”

Kellie McLaughlin

Owner, Under 31

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